Bright MindsThe Path to Bright Futures

Welcome to Bright Minds Learning & Childcare Center!

  • Care and learning are provided for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age.
  • Our days and hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 6:00AM until 6:30PM
  • We offer before and after school programs as well as transportation to and from local schools
  • We have webcams that allow you to view your child’s classroom via the internet.
  • We offer Spanish classes.
  • Dance, Gymnastics and Tumbling are available as extracurricular activities
  • We offer an environment that is learning oriented and fun!

Our program is designed to partner with you, our parents, to provide exceptional care for your child. Major emphasis is placed on your child’s learning and development; however, we make sure that there is lots of time for playing and having fun. These attributes are provided in a happy environment where children can grow, develop and thrive. You can pre-register your child online. We are available via phone or email to address any questions that you have. We appreciate your interest in our center and look forward to hearing from you!

Secure Classroom Webcams

Modern Facility

Daily Nutritious Meals

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Infants begin learning as early as birth. Therefore, we provide a stimulating environment geared towards positively developing their young minds. We talk to our “delightful” infants often. Our infants are called by their names and we do not use “baby talk”. We are gentle and comforting in our tone. We want children to develop their language, which we believe is more effective when we speak plain and simple words and sentences.

For our “curious” one year olds, we continue to build upon the foundation provided for our infants. For those who need it, encouragement regarding pulling up and walking is continued. There is a focus on words…introducing new words and language skills according to the developmental age of the child.

At the age of two, children begin their transition from being a baby to being a child. They began to exhibit a certain amount of independence and may want to do things without help.

Our “independent” two year olds enjoy safe games and activities that allow them to run, jump, tumble and climb. Two year olds enjoy throwing, kicking and rolling balls so we provide many opportunities for these activities.

The program for our “inquisitive” three year olds continues to develop based upon learning from our previous age groups. We provide an environment for our three year olds to safely run, skip, jump and explore. There is a focus of not only reciting the alphabets and counting numbers, but also ensuring that our three year olds can identify letters and numbers.

Building upon the learning from our previous programs is continued. The main focus for our “clever” four year olds is to ensure that they possess the knowledge and confidence for school readiness.

Reading development continues in our Pre-K program; however, in addition to our reading to our children, time is spent teaching them how to read and allowing/encouraging them to read out loud.

Our Kindergarten Program, which is “Accredited with Quality” by the Georgia Accrediting Commission, provides an accelerated program for our “brilliant” Kindergarten aged children. We want our children to have a joy for learning.  We challenge them and believe in “Stretching but not Stressing” our students.

Our program has a major focus on reading.  Reading comprehension is an important part of our program in that we want our children to actually understand what is read versus just calling out words.  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) is emphasized in our program.  Our goal is for our students to perform higher than what is normally expected of Kindergarten aged students.  We also focus on providing our students of knowledge regarding social studies.

Our First Grade Program is “Accredited” by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. This program continues the accelerated learning provided in our Kindergarten program. We want our children to have a joy for learning. We challenge them and believe in “Stretching but not Stressing” our students.

There is a continuation of the focus on reading further implementing activities that support STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Our goal is for our students to perform higher than what is normally expected of First Graders. We also focus on providing our students of knowledge regarding social studies.