What We Offer

What We Offer

Bright Minds offers an environment that is safe, happy, nurturing and fun. Though we offer our children a fun environment, we also focus on their learning. Children began learning at a very early age. With this in mind, we offer learning experiences for all of our children, infant through school age. Our goal is for parents to see the growth and development of their child as a result of the programs and activities provided.

Secure Webcams in Classrooms

Parents can view their child’s classroom at any time via the internet. This feature is a big hit with our parents. It also works great for family members such as grandparents who live in a different state or even in another country.

Modern Facility

Our fresh, new building provides an aesthetically pleasing environment where your child can play, learn and grow. Our building is modern and designed to be very effective and efficient for children. The décor is very inviting for children and appealing to parents. We believe that a fresh, new, clean, state of the art building will positively contribute to the physical and developmental health of our children.

Daily Schedule

A daily schedule is posted in every room and is accessible to parents so that they can see the structure of their child’s day. These schedules are filled with activities that promote creativity, self esteem, as well as physical, intellectual and social development. There is also daily outdoor time (weather permitting).

Monthly Lesson Plans

We utilize monthly lesson plans that outline the theme for the month, display the objectives regarding what our children will be focusing on for the month and ensure that the objectives in the lesson plans are incorporated in the daily schedule.

Monitored Classrooms

Our center is equipped with cameras and intercoms that allow our Director and Executive Director the ability to view actions taking place throughout the center including the classrooms and play areas. Immediate communication with the staff can be made at all times. In addition, attendance checks are routinely performed throughout the day to ensure that all children are accounted for.

Secure Entry

Parents enter our center by using a unique code that is specifically assigned. Visitors have to be identified and granted entrance by our receptionist. This will maximize safety and eliminate access into the facility by non-authorized persons.

Field Trips

Age appropriate field trips are available for our 3 year olds and above. These field trips are designed to be fun and educational. Our field trips include but are not limited to the zoo, movies, plays, swimming, museums, libraries, child related programs and activities at various venues in Cobb County and Metro Atlanta. Parental consent is required for children to participate in any field trip.

Nutritious Meals

We serve nutritious and great tasting breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack each day. Our menus are in accordance with USDA guidelines. Our dietician is trained in nutrition and takes great pride in serving tasty meals. Our menus are posted weekly so parents can see the variety of nutritious meals served. Parents are always welcome to share breakfast or lunch with their child.

Meal time is also used as an opportunity to introduce new foods to our children as well as instruct them in the development of table etiquette and manners. Children assist in setting the table, serving table food and assisting the staff in clean-up activities.

Outdoor/Exercise Time

We provide a playground area that is age appropriate and fun! A six foot fence with a locked gate secures the playground. Our children are encouraged to run, jump and play. While we want to develop their Bright Minds, it is equally important for children to exercise their bodies for optimum health. Our outdoor time provides an opportunity for children to further develop their social and interactive skills. In addition to play and exercise, our outdoor time gives children the opportunity to explore nature.

Our children have the opportunity to play outdoor games such as kick ball, dodge ball, basketball ball, Simon Says, London Bridge, and other fun games. They can also choose to play on a variety of playground equipment.

While children are encouraged to participate in games and other activities, we never force them to participate. Instead, we allow children to join activities based on their own time and comfort level.


Transportation is provided to and from local schools in the Mableton area. Our buses receive routine maintenance from a certified professional and are equipped with seat belts for the safe transport of our children. Our bus driver is licensed and trained in First Aid and CPR.

Meal time is also used as an opportunity to introduce new foods to our children as well as instruct them in the development of table etiquette and manners. Children assist in setting the table, serving table food and assisting the staff in clean-up activities.

Payment Options

A variety of payment options are available. Payments can be made by check, money order and credit/debit card. Auto-pay is also an option where payments are automatically deducted from either your checking account or charged to a credit or debit card.

Late Pick-Up Fee Waivers

We understand that there may be times when you cannot make it to the center on time due to traffic, leaving work late, etc. With this in mind, our parents are allowed a specific number of late pick-up waivers per month. Late pick-up waivers will be discussed more fully during your orientation after the enrollment of your child.

Part-Time Care

Part time care is provided based on space availability.


We do not use physical punishment, time-out or harsh language (words or tone) to discipline children. Instead, our policy is to redirect children towards positive behavior. We make sure that our parents are aware of any behavioral concerns or if their child has had a challenging day.


No one knows your child better than you, the child’s parent. With this in mind, we seek to partner with parents regarding the care of their child. Meetings are held with our parents to learn more about their child and to share the structure of our program. Our desire is to mesh the child’s needs with our program in order to provide the best possible experience for the child.

Parents are kept informed regarding their child’s daily activities and any changes in their development. We try to capture candid photos to share with parents as memorable moments occur during their child’s day.

We welcome feedback from our parents regarding suggestions to make our program the best that it can be. Our parents are encouraged to volunteer in their child’s class, come and share breakfast or lunch with their child, as well as serve as chaperones during our field trips.

We provide parents with useful and timely resources such a magazine articles, books, videos, useful websites and other items of interest. In addition, our online newsletter is readily available, which covers information regarding children, our center and program.

Parents are always welcome to visit anytime that their child is in the center. We do, however, want to minimize any disruption to our daily programs and activities.