At the age of two, children begin their transition from being a baby to being a child. They began to exhibit a certain amount of independence and may want to do things without help.

Our “independent” two year olds enjoy safe games and activities that allow them to run, jump, tumble and climb. Two year olds enjoy throwing, kicking and rolling balls so we provide many opportunities for these activities.

A child’s vocabulary increases rapidly at this age. To support this increase in vocabulary, our staff spends a lot of time talking and reading to our children. In addition, as daily activities are performed, our staff explains what they are doing so that our children can associate words with specific actions.

Enthusiastically reading to our children is a fundamental part of our two year old program. Age appropriate books, including audio and big picture books, are used to introduce new words and introduce our children to the joys of reading.

We work with our children in naming and identifying parts of the body. Children are encouraged to feed themselves. Also, there is a focus on numbers, counting and identifying basic colors. At this age, children enjoy scribbling and drawing during art activities. Our two year olds also have fun with building blocks, play dough and large legos.

Potty training is introduced in our 2 year olds room. Partnering with parents is stressed in this endeavor to make sure that common techniques are used both at Bright Minds and at home. We show our children a lot of encouragement as they master the use of the potty but we are also patient, knowing that accidents will happen. Praise is given to our children for even small accomplishments during this time.

Parents receive a daily status of their child’s day. This status gives a general description of their child’s disposition during the day, any developmental milestones and any other pertinent information that the teacher deems beneficial to the parent.