Infants begin learning as early as birth. Therefore, we provide a stimulating environment geared towards positively developing their young minds. We talk to our “delightful” infants often. Our infants are called by their names and we do not use “baby talk”. We are gentle and comforting in our tone. We want children to develop their language, which we believe is more effective when we speak plain and simple words and sentences.

As infants, children communicate their wants and needs by crying. When someone comes to their aid, and their needs are met, they feel safe and develop trust. Our staff makes sure that we always respond when your child cries.

We provide a lot of cuddling time with our infants. Our staff laughs with them, plays with them, reads to them, sings to them and spends lots of time in floor activities that encourage crawling, rolling over, sitting up, pushing up, pulling up and ultimately walking!

We maintain a very clean and sanitized Infant Room. Our very young infants and our older infants are kept in separate rooms. This allows each room to have activities that are geared towards the developmental age of the infant. Each child has his/her own crib with bedding changed daily or more often if needed. Very young infants are fed according to the schedule provided by parents. We check the need for diaper changes often.

Parents receive daily reports regarding their child’s day including feedings, developmental milestones, and other information pertinent to their child’s day.