Summer Program

Summer Program

Our summer program is designed to provide children with invigorating programs that help their continued growth and development. There are field trips at least twice a week. We have academic learning (minus homework) in order to maintain what has been learned during the school year as well as enhancing knowledge that will be beneficial when children return to school after the summer break.

Our children will enjoy our Bright Minds Book Club. A wide selection of interesting and imaginative books is offered. Our children are allowed to read the books while at the center or at home and have discussions regarding their thoughts on the books. Parents are provided with our Book Club list along with a summary in advance in order to see and understand the theme of the books.

We also have a Group Talk Program where we have age appropriate talk regarding topics that are of interest to our children. Our teachers facilitate these sessions and make sure that the topics are appropriate and do not provide concerns for our parents. Parents are provided with a list of the group topics at the beginning of the Summer Program to understand the themes and concepts. Parents are encouraged to continue dialogue with their children based on our Group Talk Program.

Plenty of outdoor time is provided where children can play and participate in a number of fun activities. Interesting guests in various fields will be invited to speak and share exciting stories about their careers, their history and other areas that will be of interest to our children. Our summer program is designed to be a fun, invigorating, creative and powerful program. Our children will have the opportunity to work on fun group and individual projects.

We have age appropriate movie days, computer activities, video games, board games. Our goal is to make sure that there are a variety of activities that will keep your child active, motivated, learning and having fun.