Private Pre-K

Four-Year-Olds (Private Pre-K4)

Building upon the learning from our previous programs is continued. The main focus for our “clever” four year olds is to ensure that they possess the knowledge and confidence for school readiness.

Reading development continues in our Pre-K program; however, in addition to our reading to our children, time is spent teaching them how to read and allowing/encouraging them to read out loud. Four year olds have generally developed a substantial vocabulary. Accordingly, lots of conversations are held with our children, allowing them to use their existing vocabulary. We continue to introduce new words and work with children in developing sentences with the new words learned.

We continue to expand their counting ability and introduce basic arithmetic concepts. Age appropriate science experiments are performed and explained. Basic social studies are taught and there is a focus on writing skills, including alphabets, words and numbers.

We continue our age appropriate computer based activities to assist our children in becoming familiar with computer technology. We have several child appropriate computer web sites that are fun and enhance learning.

Field trips are incorporated in our Private Pre-K4 Program. These field trips are designed to help our children understand their community. We visit local areas of interest such as the fire department, library, post office, grocery store, etc.

Emphasis is placed on our children’s ability to socialize and get along with others. Etiquette is important and we make sure that our children develop age appropriate skills. Our children will understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow, general times of day, cause and effect, above and below, among other concepts.

An “end of school year” program is held in June, where our Bright Minds four year olds have the opportunity to demonstrate all that they have learned. This also helps children build confidence in their speaking ability in front of groups. Our end of the school year program (from Pre-K to Kindergarten) is one of our main highlights of the year and is expected to be enjoyed by parents and should be a treat for our children.